Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sea beach of the Cox’s Bazaar is the largest sea beach in the world. The sea beach is about 125KM long. It’s very interesting to see sunrise and sunsets from the beach of Cox’s Bazar. It’s a very romantic place. In a moonlit night the sea beach becomes more & more beautiful. Not only the sea beach tourist also visit many other places of Cox’s Bazar like Maheshkhali, Sonadia Island, Teknaf, St.Martin’s island & Chakaria.  Tourists also visit Aggmeda Khyang (a large monastery of Buddhist), Ramu, Bangabandhu safari park, Inani beach and many other places near the Cox’s Bazar town.

Many tourists from different countries come every year to visit this place. Many people of Bangladesh also visit this place every year.  It’s a nice place party or picnic. People like to come here for passing their times happily. Cox’s Bazar is also a nice place for honeymoon. To pass your holidays nicely you must come to visit this place. It’s a resource of natural beauties. To enjoy the real beauty of Cox’s Bazar you should visit each & every place of Cox’s Bazar.

The transport system of Cox’s Bazar is very good. If you are from outside of Bangladesh, at first you have to come Dhaka by air. From DhakaShahjalalInternationalAirport you can easily come to Cox’s Bazar by air or bus or train. It’s very easy to come Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. You may not have faced any problem to come Cox’s Bazar.

There are so many five star and four star hotels in Cox’s Bazar. All hotels in Cox’s Bazar are high class. Most of the hotels have 24hours help desk. You book some hotels from internet or by phone call. In five star hotels in Cox’s Bazar you can get medical service, swimming pool, gym, beauty parlor, rent-a-car services. There are some four star hotels. Four star hotels are cheaper than five stars but the accommodation and security system of four star hotels are not bad. Most of the hotels of Cox’s Bazar have power generators so that there is not any load shedding there. The security system of the hotels in Cox’s Bazar is very good. Most of the hotel has locker to preserve your bags & luggage safely. The hotels also has money exchange service so, you can pay your bill without any trouble. Most of the five star & four star hotels accept all international & local credit cards.

In Cox’s Bazar you can take the taste of sea fishes. There so many restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. Most of the hotels have their own restaurants. You can find Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian & most importantly Bangladeshi foods in those restaurants. If you are a vegetarian then you need not to think about that. You can get fresh vegetables from the restaurants.

You can find cheap or, rich hotels in Cox’s Bazar. There are many categorized hotels there, as example hill view, sea view etc. In five star hotels in Cox’s Bazar you can find single bed within the amount 2,500-3,500BDT per night, double bed 3,500-4,500 per night. But, in four star hotels you can find single bed 1,200-1,500BDT per night & double room 2,000-3,000BDT per night.

Winter is the tourist season of Cox’s Bazar. So, the rates of the rooms of hotels increase on that season.  If you want to visit Cox’s Bazar with a small budget you can go there in summer or rainy season.

Some popular five & four stars hotels of Cox’s Bazar is Hotel Seagull, Hotel sea palace limited, Hotel long beach, Ocean Paradise Hotel, Hotel Kollol, Hotel Prasad Paradise, Hotel Daffodil International, Hotel Media International, Hotel Sayemon, Hotel Panwoa Limited etc. There are are many other hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Most of hotels of hotels of Cox’s Bazar try to give world class service to the visitors. But, in some season it’s become too tough to give people proper service. But, the hotel owners try their best for the visitors.

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Everybody should visit this nice place at least one time in his life. Otherwise he/she will miss something which is really very special.

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