As other most of the capital Dhaka is a very popular and busy mega city in Bangladesh. But it is capital of historical interest also. There are many things to do in Dhaka city. If you are a foreigner then you can pass your lazy evening with much interesting moment not only in Dhaka capital but also in Dhaka Division.

If you are in a tour In Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh and if you are thinking about what things to do in Dhaka city you have came in right place. Here I can tell you how you can pass your time in Dhaka city deliciously.

Though Bangladesh is a land of warm weather you can take a good bath in any five star hotels or in any gymnasium. It will give you much relief and you can enjoy your tour in Dhaka.

Dhaka is the capital of hotel and restaurant. There are also forty one popular residential hotel and more than twelve thousand of restaurant and food court. This hotels and restaurant provides delicious food and fruits. If you like to eat meals then you can try those things and explore the taste.

There are many museums in Dhaka capital. So if you are thinking what to do in Dhaka then you can make a visit to them in your lazy evening. I am sure you are going to enjoy it. Then you can find there many much information of history and you can gain more knowledge.

Bangladesh is a land of population. Most of the people live in Dhaka. But they are very friendly. If you are thinking about what you are going to do in Dhaka city you can search for some good friends in Dhaka at any social network and you can invite them at any restaurant. Then make a gossip with them with some coffee if you like to do so. Then you can know about their culture and know about the country. That would be the most enjoyable ever.

If you like nature and animals and thinking about what are going to do in Dhaka city you can try in National Zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. It is a national zoo of Bangladesh and has many much local and foreign animals. They are in cave that they not going to get chance to bit you. So there’s nothing to fear off.

There is Twenty million people in Dhaka city. Many of them are poor people because they live in poverty. They cannot manage their food properly. If you have enough time to pass you can make a tour to them and share there sadness. If you are thinking about what are going to do in Dhaka city you can try to help them and teach them how they can remove poverty in small time.

“Riksaw” is most popular vesicle of Dhaka city. It may be rare in your county. But believe me, is most interesting to have a journey with it. If you are thinking about what are going to do in Dhaka city you can try to have a nice journey with “rishaw”. It is cheaper than you think.

Bangladesh is land of rivers. In Dhaka city there are three rivers. One of them is BURIGONGA. You can go to Shodorgaht to see its beauty in your lazy evening. Another name of the river is TURAG. There is also many places of charming. You can enjoy your evening there also. The rest one is Named SEETOLOKKHA, another beautiful river of the county. If you are like to have fishing, please don’t forget to visit there.

There is also some charming lake and park in Dhaka city. They named like as RamnaPark, RamnaLake, DhanmodiLake, GulshanPark, GulShanLake, Hatir Jheel, Beiry Baadh and so on. You can pass your evening also there. It would be more informative and interesting in Dhaka city.

You can hire a car or rickshaw to have a visit those places. Please take always first aid kits for your safety. It will be the batter to take with emergency numbers like Police, hospital or Ambulance when you are visiting. Because there nothing bigger than safety. It would be batter to bring any local people with you in Dhaka city. Then there would be no risk. Have nice moment in Dhaka city.

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